A Creative Sanctuary

“If their eyes are shining, you know you’re doing it.”
– Benjamin Zander

Shiny Eyes is a rarity among recording studios: a welcoming sanctuary with the ultimate in Dolby Atmos technology, top-of-the-line analog capabilities and a deep commitment to support aspiring artists.

Set in Lamorinda the San Francisco East Bay, Shiny Eyes offers the perfect combination of exceptional resources and inspirational setting. A meticulously engineered room by studio designer Alex Otto of Otto System Works. A finely crafted, one-of-a-kind interior designed in collaboration with Edgewalker Entertainment, with original art by Reiko Rasch. Certified Dolby Atmos capabilities. An RND 5088 analog console. Multiple isolation booths. A full range of top-quality microphones, audio interfaces, DAWs and instruments.

A local gem
The studio’s low-key profile and world-class capabilities make Shiny Eyes a local treasure for rising artists and established professionals. With the highest level of technology and tools for tracking, mixing and mastering, Shiny Eyes helps artists bring their most ambitious sonic visions to life.

The studio emerged from founder Leonard Bertolami’s lifelong passions for music, engineering and creativity. A musician and professional building engineer, Leonard envisioned Shiny Eyes not just as a haven for serious artists but as a place committed to supporting young artists and developing future professionals.

The studio’s name was inspired by the conductor Benjamin Zander, musical director of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. In a talk on the transformative power of classical music, Zander tells the story of realizing that his role as a conductor was to awaken possibility in other people. He could tell if he was succeeding by looking in their eyes.

Educational mission
Central to the studio’s mission is providing opportunities for aspiring artists, musicians and audio engineers to learn, expand their horizons and gain meaningful experience in a professional studio setting.

The studio’s rare combination of top-of-the-line digital recording, mixing and immersive audio capabilities including Dolby Atmos and traditional analog recording and mixing workflows(Rupert Neve console, outboard gear) provides a diverse, laboratory-like educational opportunity in a single music studio environment.

By supporting established artists with an unsurpassed recording services – and encouraging them to share their wisdom – Shiny Eyes aims to awaken possibility in the local music community and bring new artistic voices and creative expressions to life.