Bring Your Vision to Life

Shiny Eyes provides complete recording, engineering and production services to realize the most ambitious audio projects.

Dolby Atmos

A Dolby-certified Atmos studio, Shiny Eyes provides complete technological resources for executing cutting-edge immersive audio projects with a reference class PMC 9.1.4 monitoring system. With our Atmos capabilities, render your audio vision in three dimensions with unsurpassed depth, clarity and detail.


Shiny Eyes has in-house engineers available to guide digital and analog projects, including tracking, mixing and mastering. From planning and equipment set up, to recording and fine-tuning sound quality, our engineers can provide the expert insight and guidance to fully execute on your vision.


Get experienced, professional direction to maximize the potential of every stage of your audio project. The scope of production services ranges from assistance with musical arrangement and composition, to selecting and coaching performers, through guiding sessions and supervising mixing and mastering.


Utilize top-of-the-line equipment, including an RND 5088 analog console, pre-amps, compressors, DAWs, microphones, triggers and instruments to capture your artistic vision. The studio includes a main tracking room and two isolation booths.


Shiny Eyes offers a comprehensive array of top technology for mixing music, film and commercial audio projects. Professional engineering and production guidance available to balance audio levels, develop a full sonic palette, employ effects and polish the recording.


Take advantage of the most sophisticated technology to complete the post-production processing of your audio recordings. Our experienced guidance ensures this critical step of balancing the sonic elements of your mix and optimizing it for playback in all systems and formats.