Support for Aspiring Artists

Shiny Eyes was created not just as a quiet haven for established artists seeking the best technology but as a place committed to supporting young artists and developing future professionals.

Our mission is to open doors for aspiring artists through education, support and opportunity. Central to this vision is exposing artists to a diverse range of digital and analog recording techniques and equipment.

The cutting-edge Dolby Atmos and classic analog gear at Shiny Eyes provide a rare opportunity for aspiring artists, musicians and audio engineers to learn, expand their horizons and gain meaningful experience in a laboratory-like studio setting.

Playing It Forward

In an effort to foster a strong musical community and bright future, Shiny Eyes encourages established artists to share their insights and wisdom.

We’re working to develop a network of professionals interested in supporting the future of the industry and bringing creative new artistic voices and expressions to life.

Contact us to learn how you can get involved, whether it’s through sponsorship, internships or other hands-on opportunities.